ASPIRO™ | healthy clean air

ASPIRO™ air conditioning systems can do much more to the room climate than simply regulating temperature and airflow, it’s a complete Air Therapy System.

The innovative ventilation system utilises proprietary processes together with patented technology to achieve the highest hygienic demands, cleanliness levels and germ free environments.
A typical system includes the provision of main extract fans, supply fans (if required), photocatalytic aluminium filters, germicidal UVC, electro-dynamic carbon processor, and the control equipment. This enables the system to be designed around the specific requirements of the indoor conditions and ensures the system operates as designed.

The air cleaning process utilizes the latest technology in design and efficiency to achieve particulate removal and gas cleaning. The purification efficiency of the system is up to 95%. The prefilter electrostatic aluminium media removes larger dust particles. The second stage, photocatalytic aluminium filter removes submicron particles from the air stream by interception.
The photocatalytic aluminium filter intercepts and retain these small particles, gas, odorous vapors and allergens. In combination with the UVC system, the dirty particles captured on the filters will be irradiated and pulverized. This action ensures the filters do not clog and become breeding ground for germs.

The germicidal UVC system is at the heart of the clean air system. The UVGI system kills the bioaerosols such as airborne viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds. The concentrated level of ultraviolet energy penetrates the cell wall and destroys the DNA of the microbials aerosols. Results of studies proved a 90-99% kill rate of viruses and contagious bacteria. The germicidal effect to the system also contribute to moisture control. This reduction of relative humidity in the indoor air will dramatically result in the source control of fungal and bacterial contamination.

A patented electrophoresis processs is employed in the system to dilute the carbon dioxide and replenish the oxygen. Operated through the electrodynamic carbon processor to generate low ionic electrolyte and connect to the photocatalytic aluminium filter as the separation medium, the carbon dioxide in the air stream is transiently separated and characterized to carbon, releasing the oxygen to the conditioned space. The process of sanatation restores vitality to the indoor air which stimulates the reticulo-endothelial system (group of defence cells) in our body to marshall resistance to infection.

IAQ is an important ongoing issue for hospitals and medical care facilities. Airborne bacteria and pathogens can shed into the air stream from conventional filters and spread infections through the HVAC system.

Our System is mounted within the HVAC system where these bacteria can be captured and deactivated so they will no longer be able to harm people.

It also removes dangerous airborne particles that conventional air systems miss . . . including odors, VOCs, smoke, molds...without producing any harmful ozone. Another important issue for hospital owners is the Life Cycle Cost, which takes the cost of energy and service into account. As a further advantage the system offers hygienic solutions that enable optimization of the investment for minimum LCC.

Our system is easy to maintain, have low emission and good filtration, both centrally and in the occupied space.