CINTEP | showers that do more with less

VEP is an early investor in CINTEP shower solutions. 

CINTEP's water recylcing shower is not just a shower head, its a shower system. It uses fresh drinking water to start every shower. The system never uses waste water from anywhere else.


  • water is never stored and re-used later
  • you never get someone elses water
  • saves 70% water
  • saves 70% energy
  • same flow rate and shower enjoyment
  • great flow, great control, great design


The system works by capturing shower water and pumpiing it through a recycling system. Instead of the water going down the drain, it goes through three seperate types of filters, is then diluted with 30% fresh drinking water and goes through a pasteurisation system before being re-used in your shower. When the shower is turned off, the water is completely drained so the next person to use the shower gets 100% fresh drinkng water to start their shower.