TURNKEY | Sustainability Management Software

VEP represents and markets the leading network based sustainability software.




  • A unique and dynamic web-based network solution that monitors and measures an organisation's key sustainability and environmental data - i.e. energy, gas, water, consumption. In addition, it can monitor transport usage (truck, ship, plane, etc) and business travel. Measurement can be by office, wareshouse or factory and from any supply chain participant.
  • A simple, user friendly and affordable solution that helps orgnaisations understand and manage their emissions and carbon footprint across the supply chain in order to become a sustaibale and low carbon business.
  • Increases transparency, reduces risk, improves efficiency, acurracy and decision making.
  • Can achieve significant cost savings for an organisation.


This software is the must have tool for every CFO to comply with sustainable reporting responsibilities and cost savings in the sustainablility mix within the organization.