VEP | water

Water is a vital dimishing resource for the human race. Less people in the world have access to clean water than to mobile phones. At VEP we firmly believe that clean and accessible water resources are needed in order to build a sustainable future for generations. The products we help develop and market not only save water, they offer individuals, corporations and governments solutions that are not only sustainable but also save costs.

TERSA AQUA | source to tap

TERSA AQUA is a water quality protection solution that protects water from source to tap solution developed in Germany as a cost saving, healthy, clean water solution for Communities, Hotels, Estates, etc.

What does it do?

CINTEP | showers that do more with less

VEP is an early investor in CINTEP shower solutions. 

CINTEP's water recylcing shower is not just a shower head, its a shower system. It uses fresh drinking water to start every shower. The system never uses waste water from anywhere else.


  • water is never stored and re-used later
  • you never get someo ...
CALIDA AQUA | Instant Hot Water

CALIDA AQUA is a revolutionary heat pump system that provides instant hot water, CO2 reduction and cost savings for factories, hotels, hospitals and all devlopments with hot water requirements.


Instant 75 ℃ hot water | Simultaneously provide 7 ℃ water  | Reduced tank capacity, enhanced space utilization | Redu ...