VEP | energy

ENERGY - what our planet has to offer

VEP is a strong beleiver that mother nature can provide for an advanced society. We relentlessly explore new technology for renewable energy generation and energy cost savings to be able to hand over our world to the next generation in closer harmony with nature.

SOLAR | VEP-300 panel

The VEP-300 solar panel is a semi-flexible 300 polycrystaline panel. Being semi-flexible mounted on aluminum it is more lightweight than traditional glass-glass panels for easy installation on all types of roofs, without compromising quality. VEP-300 panels are ETFE coated and comply to high international standards.

SOLAR | VEP-05 off grid energy storage

Our VEP-5 Solar Solution works for off grid supplying 5KW power to individual homes. There are several options that these panels can be applied. We also supply stand alone solutions for putting on the ground and carports solutions. 


Day time

3KW into the house and night time approx 30 ...