'We use lead water to shower' - VEP PROPOSES TERSA AQUA2016.05.18

Vabella Environmental Partners has proposed a solution to the Hong Kong Water Services Department and Housing Authority to use Tersa Aqua for a timely and non intrusive solution to the 'lead in water' problems at the Housing Authority Estates. 

Tersa Aqua would be able to supply clean drinking water and protect from all lead exposure withint 3 months of implementation. VEP would be happy to assure the tenants of the estates can live a healthy life through healthy water without further being affected by planned pipe replacements due to take decades.

The contious problems at the estate were once again highlighted in a May 12th article by South China Morning Post:

'We use lead water to shower': tainted-water nightmare notover for affected Hong Kong residents

VEP is currently deploying the Tersa Aqua solution to several private estate developments in Asia, the solution has a 30 year track record being used country wide in Germany by waterworks, supplying Germans with the best water in Europe from source to tap.